About Us

The Florida Association of School Social Workers Membership includes school social workers serving children in many unique and diverse roles in a variety of educational settings. Their active support and leadership has increased the professional, political and academic influence of the Association.

The FASSW Executive board and several standing committees are constantly addressing the need and concerns of its members. Through a variety of means, every member has an opportunity to contribute and be informed of current issues, best practice methods and techniques, research advances, important conferences and local news.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Florida Association of School Social Workers is to promote the profession of school social work and enhance the professional growth and development of school social workers throughout the State of Florida in order to more effectively meet the needs of all children.


FASSW is a non-profit educational organization whose purposes/goals are:

  1. To foster a closer personal and professional relationship among school social workers throughout the state;
  2. To assume an active role in communicating the role of school social worker to others and enlisting their cooperation in working toward improved services;
  3. To strengthen the profession by increasing the number of school social workers employed by school districts across Florida;
  4. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and skills among members;
  5. To provide a vehicle for social policy change and be an advocate for the profession through community and legislative efforts;
  6. To serve as an advocate for the educational and social welfare of children;
  7. To establish and maintain a liaison with social work educators;
  8. To provide support and direction to district-wide and regional school social work organizations;
  9. To form liaisons with other student services Associations and related organizations;
  10. To act as a liaison between school social workers in Florida, the Florida Department of Education, and nationally.


The FASSW bylaws, approved as amended by the board of the Florida association of school social workers on September 10, 2016.