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Principal’s Mission: The head of St. Louis elementary school went door to door to find out why so many students weren’t coming to school – and when she found out it was because of dirty clothes, she sprang into action. David Muir reports #PersonOfTheWeek.

‘Georgia high school takes student engagement to the next level’

It’s only his first year at Manchester High School in Georgia, but Principal DeMarcos “Marco” Holland plans on making it count. For starters, he decided to tackle the school’s ample number of tardies head-on, and he did this by exchanging a class bell for some upbeat tunes.

‘On Shark Tank, Naperville Teen Trisha Prabhu Snags $100K for Anti-Bullying Tech’

ReThink is an app that used patent-pending, sophisticated context sensitive algorithms to sense when a hurtful message is about to be sent, and send an alert asking students to pause and think before sending.

Broward County Public Schools Inaugural Attendance Symposium



Writing the Job Description of School Social Work 2025

Writing the Job Description of School Social Work 2025